Robin's School Visits

Hands-on Art & Natural Science Workshops

Robin is a Massachusetts Cultural Council Creative Teaching Partner and is New York State BOCES approved.

Robin's programs build upon the natural science and the artistry in the books she has illustrated. Through her hands-on workshops students experience the connection between art and science.

Robin has created a unique method for illustrating children's books. Using paper, scissors, paint, and glue, she creates hand sculpted 3-dimensional images that seem real! In schools she explains how she plans a scientific picture book and demonstrates her distinctive artwork. At any grade level Robin can help your students learn her technique and create a mural or small take home project of their own.

Robin's Programs:

Robin plans each visit individually. Supplies are simple materials such as white and colored paper, scissors, crayons, pencils, markers, and white glue. Parent volunteers are welcome.

What others have said:

"This is one of the best programs I've seen involving all the children from Cedar Elementary in Hanover. MA. In my 37 years of teaching I've seen a multitude of programs! D. Joubert, 3rd grade.

Robin's visit to the Chadwick School, CA. (PDF)

Redondowriter's Blog

"Robin supervised the construction of a 12x8 foot mural. It looks fabulous. This mural is right inside the front doors and everyone who walks into the building is enthralled by the size and beauty of it. I would love to have her re-visit the school!"
D. Curto, PTA Author's Day Chairperson, Duzine Elementary School, New Paltz, NY

"Robin Brickman's visit to our school was unforgettable! She has a natural talent not only for illustration, but for engaging students of all ages. Robin's workshop was hands-on. Thanks to her, we can all feel proud as we gaze at our mural and see that she brought out the best in all of us. Robin Brickman's visit made an impression on our school, staff, and students that will last a lifetime!"
K. Alexander, Quarton Elementary School, Birmingham, MI

"Kudos to you, dear Robin Brickman! For a wonderful artist you're the one we're pickin'! You helped us create A LOG'S LIFE mural; You even helped us fashion a flying red squirrel. You showed us how to cut out a butterfly, So its wings look symmetrical to every eye. A wolf and a spider, a weasel and a snake, You helped us with them all, for goodness sake!"
J. Hammer and the 2nd and 6th grade students of The Otselic Valley School, NY

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